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If she only wants you, don’t worry about who wants her
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One day you wake up and you’re twenty-three and you can’t remember what it feels like to be seventeen but you still cry to your Mum after a bad day and you look a little older but you don’t really feel it. One day you’re twenty-three and your great aunt is telling you how mature you look and how you grew a little taller, but inside you still remember sitting under the oak tree reading with no meetings tomorrow and no rent to pay, and the only thing you can think about is how at seventeen you thought at twenty-three you would know everything and now you can’t remember how you got from there to here, but seventeen year old you was wrong; because you only know some things and not everything.

You know that coffee tastes better in the mornings and your home isn’t your home anymore it’s ‘Mum and Dads’. You know your car needs servicing every six months and groceries are harder to do after break ups. She liked cookie dough and walnuts and strawberry flavoured milk and now every time you go to the store you can’t buy spaghetti without remembering it was a Friday night, and she kissed you for the first time and the heat from her skin could have set your entire place on fire. One day you’re twenty-three and you’re trying to explain to a seventeen year old all the mistakes you made so they won’t make them too, when all you really want is for someone to realise you still don’t have the first clue.

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One day your 23 and you’re turning 24 and there’s always something that needs doing and there’s all this pressure and you’re supposed to be an adult but you don’t feel like one and you have all these things you’re still afraid of and you have these dreams and you keep fighting for them but they feel so far away. One day you’re 23 and you hate your job and everybody seems to have a fucking answer on how to obtain happiness or what you SHOULD be doing but nobody understands that you are doing the things you are doing because that’s exactly where you should be. One day you’re 23 and you’re turning 24 and there’s people in your life who think they know you but they really don’t.

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Hey Court, I recently reblogged something that you wrote and I was wondering if it would be alright with you if I posted it onto my Facebook page? I'd credit you, of course. Thanks for your beautiful words :)

Sure thing :) thanks for reading and sharing my stuff!